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Nicole G.
Great for the whole family

I love this it’s great for everyone. I also love the smell and it keeps nots away which is great for the whole Family.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback! We're delighted to hear that our product is great for your whole family and that you love the scent. Keeping knots away is definitely a plus! Your satisfaction means a lot to us.

Toni W.
Absolute best, my kids love it!

The hairspray has great hold and doesn't flake, smells divine and doesnt dry out my kids hair. Highly recommended.

Thank you for the glowing review! We're thrilled to hear that our hairspray is the absolute best for your kids. It's fantastic to know that it provides great hold without flaking, smells divine, and keeps their hair moisturized. Your recommendation means a lot to us!

The best hair spray!

This is the best hairspray I have ever used. Made from natural ingredients, it is safe to use on children and provides just the right amount of hold to keep hairstyles in place. It is a must-have for ponytails! Using this Rock ‘n’ repel hair spray in the photo as well.

We're thrilled to hear your positive experience with Rock 'n' Repel hair spray! It's fantastic to know that our natural, child-safe formula is delivering the perfect hold for ponytails. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're committed to providing effective and gentle hair care solutions. Thank you for choosing our product!


Best hairspray have ever used! Perfect for slick dance hair as well as everyday school hair styles

Jon - West Melbourne
No More plastic-wrapped alien head karate kid!

My boys are 7 & 13 y/o and the last nit fest warning that was sent out by the school it was already too late.

When one of us catch lice, we all catch lice! And in these situations, there's no room for error and everyone must go through the process and we each take turns at being the "weird plastic-wrapped alien head karate kid" character.
And then comes the wrath of a primate (that's me) attacking your hair with a lice comb. But that's not even the worst part - The washing of clothes and bed stuff, pillows, doonas, toys, and the rest!! It's not just a typical case of "we got lice", I see it as a curse and noone should have to go through it more than once in a lifetime!!

Ok, it's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's not a fun time in a house that is already crazy busy with school, sports, Dr's appointments, work, pets, kids, extracurricular activities and then we have to raise the kids!

I'm grateful for this R&R Hairspray because it has saved me from doing all of the above again! After complaining to a mate, his wife got me on to Eekoloks and the rest is history. We trialled and tested it and it works!

The boys were using it before there was another outbreak thankfully and I'm pleased to report there were no more visits from the weird plastic-wrapped alien head karate kid character.

And the boys dig having styled hair each day. So thank you Eekoloks! You've made a great change in this house!

Wow, what a journey you've been through with the lice saga! I can completely relate to the chaos that an outbreak can bring to an already busy household. It's such a relief to hear that you've found a solution with the R&R Hairspray and Eekoloks.

I love how you described the 'weird plastic-wrapped alien head karate kid' character - it's a spot-on depiction of the lengths we go to in battling these persistent pests! It's no small feat managing all the cleaning and combing, especially with everything else on your plate.

It's fantastic that the Eekoloks product worked so well for you and your boys. Having an effective preventive measure must feel like a game-changer, saving you from the dreaded cycle of lice outbreaks. Plus, the bonus of having styled hair is a win-win!

Thank you for sharing your experience and the solution that worked for you. It's always great to hear about products that actually deliver on their promises. Here's to no more lice and happy, stylish kids!

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